Automotive spare parts (After market)

The company manufactures the main parts for the After market including Peugeot 405 rear plastic bumper strip, Peugeot 405 front plastic bumper strip, Peugeot Pars rear plastic bumper strip and Peugeot Pars front plastic bumper strip in 10-piece tube packages.

This product is known in the After market under various names such as plastic bumper strip, metal bumper and …

The products of company are the most well-known and high quality plastic bumper strip available in the market, which due to this feature has led to corporation with various dispensing factories throughout the country.

The Silver Metalized Strip Car Door Protector  of Peugeot Pars is another product of the company in this field, which is used in the around the door of Peugeot Pars.

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