Automotive parts (OEM)

The company started its activity by providing main parts for car manufacturing companies.
Company is the main supplier of parts of car seat covers and plastic car seat fittings in the country. Designing, manufacturing and supplying seat parts of Peugeot 405, Samand, Peugeot Pars, Rio, L90, Lifan X60, Lifan S3 and S5, Hyundai Accent and B30 Bestern car and as well as cooperating with Iran Khodro Company regarding the 301(Tara) project are the achievements of this company.

Also Paydar Polymer Ojan Company with its well-equipped and advanced flock line in the supply of types of glass strips and windscreen glazing gasket, has a quality approval from Iran Khodro Company.

Plastic bumper strip is one of the primary products of the company, which is provided for both the car manufacturer and the after market.

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