Automotive parts industry

The company’s product in this section are the types of strips and profiles used in seat covers, roof moulding and under frame of the car. the company also produces all kind of strips around glass such windscreen glazing gasket by having a well-equipped and advanced Flock line for the company’s automotive industry as well as after market.

Lighting industry

Types of diffused and transparent profiles based on polycarbonate (diffuser), in different designs and dimensions, used in a variety of LED lights are the main products of the company. The high engineering and manufacturing capacity of Paydar Polymer Ojan Company has provided the possibility of producing other lamp parts (except optical parts) that include endcaps, retaining bases, heat sink (aluminum profiles) for its customers.

Store industry

Types of shelf labels with high quality, types of profiles, shock absorbers and stripes used in industrial refrigerators.

Bag and shoes & decorative strips industry

A variety of decorative strips in various widths from size 3 mm to 50 mm with metallized covers in gold, silver and black colors.

Construction industry

Types of profiles and fittings used in window and facade industries based on rigid PVC-R materials and all types of single and two-part strips around the door based on PVC-NBR Nitrile Butadiene materials, thermoplastics (TPV) PP-EPDM and TPE are the products of the company in this market.

Paydar Polymer Ojan Manufacturer was established since 2015 with the vision of producing and developing in automotive’s parts industry, and then the company expanded its production and development capability to other industries like lighting industry, stores industry, bag & shoes industry and construction industry.

Our factory Located in Shams Abad Industrial zone, and equipped with 16 production’s line and advanced machinery to produce a wide range of plastic’s profiles with diameter / width range of 1mm to 150 mm, our expert team offering our best technical and sales service to our valuable customers.

To grab our customer’s satisfaction, we are fully committed to producing high quality products in accordance with meeting customers’s requirements and international’s standards.

The Company in 2019 was introduced as a Knowledge enterprise company for Science and Technology due to the supply of masterbatch and producing of transparent profiles with highest light transmission and beautiful geometric effect (diffuser).

Our achievements:

Design and production of complex and special molds in the plastic extrusion industry with a history around 20 years.
Setting up a visual management’s system to increase Human recourse participation in all organization’s levels.
Increasing customer’s success.

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