Parts and prepared collection

The slogan “Just Think about Light” has led to the development of a specific strategy that allows us to fully manufacture a wide range of lighting components and body parts for various lighting fixtures. This strategy is based on our engineering expertise and design and mold-making capabilities.

In this approach, the customer provides their required lighting components while sourcing other necessary parts from Paydar Polymer Ojan company. This approach delivers value to our customers by reducing Time to Market, lowering design and engineering costs, and enhancing engineering reliability.

Among our other productions in the “Assembly” sector, we offer the following:
Non-lighting components, which include:

  • Heat sinks
  • End caps
  • Clips

These body components are made from materials such as aluminum, plastic, and more, and they are used in various lighting fixtures, including bracket lights, 60×60 panels, downlight panels, and more.

Just contact our experts in the lighting unit and buy the Parts and prepared collection you want.

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