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Paydar Polymer Ojan Manufacturer was established since 2015 with the vision of producing and developing in automotive’s parts industry, and then the company expanded its production and development capability to other industries like lighting industry, stores industry, bag & shoes industry and construction industry.

Our factory Located in Shams Abad Industrial zone, and equipped with 16 production’s line and advanced machinery to produce a wide range of plastic’s profiles with diameter / width range of 1mm to 150 mm, our expert team offering our best technical and sales service to our valuable customers.

 To grab our customer’s satisfaction, we are fully committed to producing high quality products in accordance with meeting customers’s requirements and international’s standards.

The Company in 2019 was introduced as a Knowledge enterprise company for Science and Technology due to the supply of masterbatch and producing of transparent profiles with highest light transmission and beautiful geometric effect (diffuser).

Our achievements:

  • Design and production of complex and special molds in the plastic extrusion industry with a history around 20 years.
  • Setting up a visual management’s system to increase Human recourse participation in all organization’s levels.
  • Increasing customer’s success.


At the end of 2014, Paydar Polymer Ojan company started its activity by setting up one production line in order to produce automotive parts in a small workshop, at the beginning of 2015 this company was registered under the name of Paydar Polymer Ojan. Due to good reputation of managers in the automotive parts industry and mutual trust of managers of automotive assembly companies in the managerial and technical ability of our team, this company has achieved rapid growth in the first two years of its activity. During this period the number of lines increased to 3 production lines. With the growth of production, industrial space of this company was transferred to the area of 2500 square meters in Shams Abad industrial zone and the number of lines increased to 8 production lines.

IN 2017 our company has successfully gained IATF16949:2016 certificate in the automotive industry and also ISO9001:2015 certification for all parts. since 2018 due to business opportunities increasing demand for other industries and developing related infrastructure, the company began to enter the industries including lightening, bag &shoes, store and construction. The strategic focus of the company is to improve the manufacturing quality of imported parts required by these industries, with the aim of replacing their products from china and turkey.in this regard, the company has trained the employees and constantly improved the quality of its products and has gained the confidence of the leading companies in the above mentioned industries.

Our Company in 1398 was introduced as a Knowledge enterprise company for Science and Technology due to the supply of masterbatch and the production of transparent profiles with highest light transmission and beautiful geometric effect (diffuser).

Since 2020, owing to the dramatic growth of business activities in the company and the need to increase production space, by incorporating the adjacent factory in to current factory land area increased to 5000 square meters and the production space area increased to more than 2000 square meters and the number of company lines increased to 16 lines.

Currently our company having employed 75 people, is implementing a development plan on a one-hectare land Ghom industrial zone.



Our company policy is defined based on increasing customer success, so we are committed to increasing probability and creating long-term needs of immediate and urgent customer concern, creating new success opportunities and enhancing customer market share as our business partners.
All employees by using creativity and innovation and risk-based thinking to constantly analysis the activities and processes of the organization in order to continuously improve them and achieve zero defects based on legal, organizational and client requirements and regulations.
Paydar Polymer Ojan company with the establishment of quality management based on ISO:9001: 2015 and IATF 16949:2016 Standards and with a commitment to meet the needs and expectations of all stakeholders and continuously to update them, as well as commitment to comply with legal requirements and processes.
In this context, the strategic goals of the company are as follows:
– Increase the level of customer satisfaction through the development of quality management system.
– development of employee’s technical knowledge.
– increase production efficiency.
– maintain a stable market share in automotive parts.
– developing non-automotive market.
In addition to the above activities and goals, the values and ethical principles of the company is defined in the ethical charter and organizational values.

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