Diffuser masterbatch & compound

Gaining technical knowledge in the production of diffuser masterbatches is one of the most pivotal achievements for Paydar Polymer Ojan in advancing lighting products. Additionally, through our research and innovation, we focus on enhancing the capabilities and critical optical parameters of our products.

In addition to using these products in the production of polycarbonate profiles within the company, we have met our customers’ needs by developing various masterbatches and compounds and added new products to the Paydar Polymer Ojan product portfolio.

Paydar Polymer Ojan strives to provide a comprehensive range of products to address customer needs as a valuable and capable partner.

At present, Paydar Polymer Ojan offers each of the following products with high quality:

  • Various diffuser compounds based on PC, PP and PS materials as per customer requirements
  • Diffuser masterbatches based on PC, PE, and PS materials
  • Anti-UV masterbatches based on PS materials

Advantages of the diffuser masterbatches produced at Paydar Polymer Ojan include:

  • Uniform light diffusion in the environment
  • Increased efficiency and high optical performance
  • Prevention of bright spots and shadows
  • Reduction of heat transfer to the environment
  • Enhanced Lamp Hiding and the creation of a uniform lighting surface
  • Prevention of ultraviolet and infrared radiation dispersion into the environment

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