Paydar Polymer Ojan Company sponsor the second conference “on economics of plastic industries in Iran 1400 “

11 May 2021 | News and Events

the second national conference “economic outlook for plastic industries in Iran ” was held online by the Iran National Polymer Industries Association on 18,19 May this regard the association assigned financial support for the conference to active
and well-known companies in this industry that Paydar Polymer Ojan was one of the sponsors of the conference.
The first National Conference on “Economic Outlook of Plastic Industry” was held on 3 May, 2009 with the aim of creating an initial picture of the prevailing perspective of the plastics industry business.
The conference focused on the macroeconomic trends of the country, budget analysis and its effects on the plastics industry.

همایش صنعت پلاستیک

همایش صنعت پلاستیک


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